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The H2Scan hydrogen process analyzer features thin film technology that provides a direct hydrogen measurement that is not cross-sensitive to other gases. The H2Scan is ideal for applications where real-time, hydrogen specific measurements can enhance process efficiencies, diagnostics and maintenance management. 

The H2Scan does not require significant application development for each mix of hydrocarbon gases, yet it still exceeds industry standards. Used as a complement to the light hydrocarbon analysis capability of the SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan, the combination of the two new and innovative technologies used challenges traditional GC analysis. By producing an accurate measurement at considerably faster speed, the H2Scan/SpectraScan combination is a superior, yet simpler, detection for recycled and waste gas, and heating valve applications, achieved at considerably lower implementation and product lifetime costs.

Explosion-proof in-line hydrogen process analyzer complements SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan

Gas: H2

Measures: %

Application: Process Control and Quality Control

Sensing Technology: H2Scan Thin Film


  • Refinery 

  • Natural gas 

  • Petrochemical 

  • Manufacturing 

  • Industrial gas supply 


  • Easily configurable alongside SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan 

  • Simple system integration 

  • 'Chip on a flex' technology enables real-time operation

Easy to use

  • Does not require significant application development for each mix of hydrocarbon gases

  • Includes customer support

Low cost of ownership

  • Low installation costs 

  • Low lifetime cost-of-ownership in comparison to GC technologies 

Unrivalled performance

  • Hydrogen measurement not cross- sensitive to other gases 

  • Non-depleting sensing technology maintains performance without deterioration

Benchmark compliance

  • UL Class 1, Division 1, Groups B, C, D 

  • ATEX & CSA certifications


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