LaserCompact 2940

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The LaserCompact is an adaptable analyzer optimized for measuring gases in-situ across short pathlengths. Capable of monitoring a wide range of gases including O2, HCl, HF, NH3, CO, CO2, H2O and H2S. This analyzer uses leading-edge Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) sensing technology, providing a fast speed of response, zero drift potential and minimized background gas interference. This makes it ideal for diverse applications including chemical production, contaminant and moisture monitoring in petrochemical processing, non-contact analysis of corrosive, dusty, tarry or sooty gases across pipes and engine test stands. 

Optimized for use in hot dirty or dangerous environments, the LaserCompact features a robust design and easy installation on measurement cells or DN50/ANSI flanges, allowing safe operation in situations where the process stream itself is flammable and has been classified as a Hazardous Area. This device also requires minimal ongoing maintenance, helping to reduce operational costs considerably over product life.

High specification in-situ analysis optimized for short path measurement in hazardous areas

Gas: Multiple

Measures:%,  ppm

Application: Combustion Control and Process Control

Sensing Technology: Tunable Diode Laser


  • Chemical reactor – inert gas control 

  • Moisture in solvents – Cl2, HCl 

  • Moisture in VCM 

  • Natural gas contaminants – H2O, CO2, H2S 

  • Petrochemical industry - moisture in H2 recycle gas 

  • Contaminants in high purity bulk gases 

  • Metallurgical industry – non-contact analysis of corrosive, dusty, tarry or sooty gases


  • Designed for Zone 2/Division 2 hazard rated (gas/dust) locations 

  • Performs in high temperature/high particulate environments 

  • Adapts to meet your specific needs with 12 common gas measurements 

Easy to use

  • Intuitive, engineer-friendly interaction and use 

  • Fast response time (typically 2 sec for in-situ applications 

  • Option of in-situ measurements without gas sampling 

  • Simplified ongoing device care through non-depleting TDL technologies 

Low cost of ownership

  • Stable calibration with no zero drift minimizes maintenance costs 

  • High grade laser reduces purge gas requirements 

  • Ultra-stability negates unplanned downtime 

  • Remote device interaction via optional Ethernet 

  • Intelligent design extends periods between maintenance requirements 

  • SIL 1 certified

Unrivalled performance

  • Uses industry-leading TDL technologies and advanced algorithms for sensitive monitoring 

  • 0-2m path lengths 

  • Manufactured by Servomex - over 60 years’ experience innovating and pioneering gas analysis and thousands of units used in the field every year 

Benchmark compliance

  • ATEX, IECEx and North American hazardous area approvals 

  • ATEX Cat 3 (Gases) and Cat 2 (Dusts) 

  • IECEx Zone 2 and Zone 21 

  • CSA Divisions and Zones (Gas and Dust) 


  • Transmitter: 263mm (10.3”) Width x 284mm (10.2”) High x 198mm (6.5”) 

  • Receiver: 255mm (10.4”) x 127mm (5.0”) x 90mm (3.5”) 


  • Transmitter Unit: 12kg (26.5lbs)

  • Receiver Unit: 4.4kg (9.7lbs) 


  • ATEX Cat 3 (Gases) and Cat 2 (Dusts) Certificate Baseefa10ATEX0100X 

  • IECEx Zone 2 and Zone 21 Certificate IECEx BAS 10.0038X 

  • CSA Divisions and Zones (Gas and Dust) Certificate CSA 11.2393527X


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