FluegasExact 2700

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Armed with an integral sampling system custom-designed for operation in some of the hottest and most extreme combustion environments, the FluegasExact is the analyzer of choice for measuring oxygen and combustibles in the most demanding hydrocarbon processing and power generation applications. 

Designed for high temperature processes up to 1750°C (3182°F), the FluegasExact is ideal for use in extreme heated environments.

This resilience makes it the analyzer of choice for controlling a wide range of combustion processes, including use in process heaters, utility boilers, thermal crackers, incinerators and furnaces. 

High performance combustion process analysis of oxygen and combustibles, designed for use in the most hazardous and challenging locations

Gas: COe, O2

Measures: %, ppm

Application: Combustion Control and Process Control

Sensing Technology: Calorimetry and Zirconia


  • Process heaters 

  • Utility boilers

  • Thermal crackers 

  • Crematoria 

  • Iron & steel 

  • Incinerators 

  • Biomass boilers 


  • Designed for Safe Area, Zone 2/Div. 2 and ATEX Cat. 3 hazardous area rated locations 

  • Robust O2 and COe analysis meets diverse application needs 

  • Intelligent sampling options for exact fit 

  • Performs in high temperature/high particulate environments 

Easy to use

  • Easy to maintain in the field 

  • Intelligent Flowcube technology provides continuous flow monitoring for preventative maintenance 

Low cost of ownership

  • Simple installation and low maintenance requirements 

  • Extractive sampling design protects from harsh process conditions, extending product life 

  • Long life, low-drift sensing technologies for reliability and extended calibration intervals 

  • Intelligent design that extends maintenance intervals and permits field service

Unrivalled performance

  • Uses industry-leading patented technologies (Zirconia cell and Thick Film Catalytic sensor) for ultra-accurate and reliable measurements 

  • Manufactured by Servomex - over 60 years’ experience in pioneering gas analysis, with a global install base 

Benchmark compliance

  • ATEX Cat. 3, IECEx Zone 2 & North America Class I, Div. 2


  • Control unit: 391 x 167 x 260mm (15.4” x 6.6” x 10.3”)

  • Sensor head: 301 x 330 x 256mm (11.9” x 13.0” x 10.1”) 

  • Flow alarm relay box: 120 x 120 x 80mm (4.7” x 4.7” x 3.1”) 


  • 30.5kg (67.2 lbs) (Combined weight) 


  • ATEX Cat. 3 

  • IECEx Zone 2

  • North America Class I, Div. 2 

  • CE marked and in compliance with ATEX / IECEx, EMC and WEEE Directives scope. All variants comply with BS EN 61010 


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