The FPI-X dual sensor electromagnetic flow meter

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A New Standard in Severe Swirl Flow Measurement

Based on the revolutionary FPI Mag®, the FPI-X dual sensor electromagnetic flow meter is designed to deliver a highly accurate measurement in extreme flow conditions unachievable by other flow measurement technologies. The McCrometer FPI-X provides ± 0.5% accuracy in flow with severe swirl, such as cascading or multiple pump arrays.

Dual Sensors = Accurate Flow Measurement  

in Severe Flow Profiles

The FPI-X is a dual sensor meter that uses multiple electromagnetic coils installed throughout both sensors to produce a magnetic field across the complete cross sectional area of the pipe. Placing voltage sensors in two planes across the pipe accounts for differences in velocity caused by excessive swirl and other flow disturbances.


Simple Installation

Just like McCrometer's FPI Mag, the FPI-X is designed to be one of the easiest flow meters to install. Hot tapping the installation allows for the insertion of the meter without interrupting service, de-watering lines, cutting pipe or welding flanges. The FPI-X eliminates the need for heavy equipment and manpower necessary to support installation.

Lower Costs

Operators of pumping stations will see an immediate cost savings, allowing them to measure the total station discharge instead of measuring at each pump or not measuring at all.

Robust Construction

With no moving parts, the FPI-X requires little to no maintenance for years of worry-free operation. The sensor bodies are made from heavy-duty 316 stainless steel for maximum structural integrity. The patented sensor bodies are hermetically sealed and protected by NSF certified fusion-bonded epoxy coating.


The FPI-X is ideal for capital or maintenance projects, retrofits and sites never before metered. The unique combination of accuracy, ease of installation and total cost savings make the FPI-X the perfect choice for the Municipal Market's toughest applications.


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