Series 5 Emulator (S5E)

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  • Exact duplication of CCC algorithms for accurate control system emulations
  • Easy transfer of control applications and configuration settings between emulated and installed controllers
  • Simple updating to the latest CCC technology
  • Engineering and operation like the actual controller
  • Communication with virtual process and third-party HMI via standard OPC Data Access (OPC DA) interface

Series 5 Emulator (S5E)

The S5E is specifically designed to replicate CCC process control system responses, allowing you to easily incorporate CCC turbine and compressor controllers into simulations developed for process design validation and operator training.

The S5E program allows a Windows PC to execute the actual application software of up to 16 Series 5 controllers. That provides a transportable, cost-effective method of incorporating emulated CCC controllers into third-party operator training and engineering study systems.

S5E benefits include:

  • Emulation of CCC control algorithms
  • Operator training station
  • Front-end engineering and design (FEED) studies
  • Easy integration to a plant simulation model via OPC interface
  • Ability to save and restore an emulator state for replaying a different scenarios
  • Tuning that could be used in a real control system


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