Series 5 Reliant

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  • Purpose-built, easy-to-use, fixed I/O-configuration with IEC-61131 programming languages.
  • Control program software options, simplex or duplex configuration, multi-loop capacity, local maintenance interface available
  • Single-section process controls for gas and steam turbines
  • 2-section process controls
  • Multicompressor load-sharing station and unit control

Series 5 Reliant®  

Ideal for compressor applications, Series 5 Reliant is a purpose-built, easy-to-use, fixed I/O-configuration with IEC-61131 programming languages. Its controllers may be purchased with a variety of control program software packages, both standard and customized.

Features include:

  • Multiple applications for compressor train control
  • Simplex or duplex redundancy
  • Custom logic
  • Compliance with regulations for hazardous conditions

Reliant controllers are among the best turbomachinery controls for most applications, including:

  • Single / multistage compressor control
  • Compressors networks
  • Variable speed drive
  • Steam turbine and extraction
  • Startup / shutdown sequence

Simplicity and ease-of-use are our primary goals in developing the Reliant controllers.  We have the turbomachinery experience and expertise to solve your complex turbomachinery control problems throughout your plant’s life cycle.


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