Series 3++

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Series 3++ Controller
The Series 3++ controller family is a perfect choice for new applications, retrofitting, or replacing obsolete automatic control systems, such as the Series II, Series 3, or Series 3+. Series 3++ combines the controls features of Series 3+ controller with technologically advanced electronic components and an updated operator interface.

Improvements include:

  • New technology, industrial-grade digital hardware throughout, 100 percent surface-mounted component
  • Integrated CPU and I/O board, with individually switch-selectable 20 mA or 5 Vdc inputs and outputs, plus on-board monitoring of power supply voltages, analog outputs, and internal temperature
  • Oversized, off-the-shelf power supplies
  • Updated front panel assembly with additional keys and a 4x10-character LCD status screen
  • Modbus RTU serial ports can be replaced by Modbus TCP Ethernet ports
  • Maximum ambient temperature now up to 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Analog input channel-to-channel isolation up to 500 volts, static protection up to 4,000 volts
  • Optional conformal coating of printed circuit boards
  • Compliance with regulations for hazardous conditions

Ideal for Series 3+ and Series 3 Upgrades

  • Designed as a direct upgrade — no wiring to change and no new panels
  • Load-sharing features to interact seamlessly with Series 3+ legacy systems for a smooth transition upon upgrading

Designed for Reliability

  • All analog outputs have integral read-back loops to identify hardware or field wiring problems.
  • A built-in sensor alerts plant personnel if the temperature inside the case exceeds acceptable limits.
  • Performance of the power supplies and all DC/DC voltage converters are internally monitored.

Available Configurations

  • Sleeve-mount controller
  • Plate-mount controller
  • Series 3+ upgrade
  • Series 3 upgrade
  • Ethernet option


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