HART Interfacing

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Every HART® field device is capable of providing significant data about its performance and the process it is controlling. Don't ignore such a valuable asset!

If you have smart field devices installed and you are not making full use of their capabilities, then you need MTL's HART® connection system. MTL has solutions that provide the connections between the HART® field instruments, the control systems and the process automation maintenance software. MTL’s HART® multiplexer system provides on-line access from a PC to the HART® field devices for monitoring device performance. HART® devices may be selected for regular status monitoring and alerts to be issued if the status changes.

Our HART® CONNECTIONS strip the HART® digital signal from the 4-20mA signal (which passes to the control system unscathed) and sends it directly to your maintenance PC. Thus giving you access to the benefits offered by the latest powerful configuration and predictive maintenance software.


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